Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi guys, missed you all. Was not able to upload and update till now cos of the bad weather over the weekend. It was crazy but it did not bring me down. So, its food time. During my weight loss journey, I ATE!!! YES, I ATE!. Do not listen to anyone who tells you not to eat. The secret to this is what to eat and how to combine it for it to work for you. Before I go any further, let me at this juncture, reveal to you the best diet and it is............................ "THE BALANCED DIET!!" Why a lot of people fail in this area is because they do not understand the concept of balanced diet. A balanced diet means getting the right types and amounts of foods and drinks to supply nutrition and energy for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs, and for supporting normal growth and development. What this means is that every type of food is not do away with some...the key is just in the quantity and portion. For example, I can have chocolate muffin in the morning, but what matters is what I eat next as I can have fish and steamed Veggies and for dinner I might have oat. But remember, everything is in the quantity. I never for once deprived myself of anything type of food that I am craving for...but...but...I am not saying that you can use "craving" as an excuse, one has to be very disciplined. Back to balanced is like mix and match and this makes eating more interesting. For you to succeed in this journey, you have to keep an open mind, be creative and explore different recipes (healthy choices). People limit themselves when it comes to food... I always encourage people to explore foods from other tribes and is very interesting experimenting.

My eating habits changed and changed for the better. My system went on an automatic detox and as I went deeper into my new eating habit, I even started feeling better and healthier. From time to time, for a period of two weeks I would be posting up recipes I have tried and yet to try. I will also put up recipes and pictures of food that I enjoy taking. Give you exercise tips that I do and even exercises I would love to try. We will go through this together and I know it would be fun especially with your comments and mails. Remember, I would love for you to also share your stories of yours journey into this known-world of weight loss.

Ciao Ciao.  xoxo

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