Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yet Again!

Friday the 9th day of July, 2010, precisely was me face to face with 10 boxes of pizza at the bowling rink at the palms. We were there for the continuation of Juliet's birthday party. At the beginning I promised myself that I was not going to eat so, before I left the office I stuffed up on a lot of veggies but little did I know that my friend Juliet had massive pastry plans for me. She knows how much I loooooooove pizza (and dont forget chocolates too) ordered over 5 boxes. There I was staring at these boxes and fighting myself on the inside. There are times I would get up and walk away from the boxes and still, like some type of evil force and magnetism, I find myself being drawn towards the boxes. So, I gave up! Yes I gave up. Immediately I took the first bite, I remembered what my mum used to say when praying to God for forgiveness of sins "Lord, you know that the heart is willing but the flesh is weak"...that was me! So, you would think that this girl would just have a slice or two and be done...yeah right...more like 6 slices or even short, I felt bloated like a big fool and ofcourse, I topped the eating with massive alcohol drinking. What can I say, I was in a celebration mood.

As the alcohol started kicking in, I got in a dancing mood and so I danced the night away. When I say dance, I worked up 5 to 6 buckets of sweat (I know...eewww...but you get the picture). By the time I got home, I collapsed on my bed and floated to the beyond.

I woke up, expecting to hate myself for all I gubbled down last night, but on the contrary, my body was feeling otherwise. I went to the loo (wee wee), brushed my teeth, took off my clothes and mounted the scale and to my honest and sincere astonishment....I had lost 0.8kg. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! The day before, I woke up weighing 70.5kg and now I am 69.7kg. I felt on top of the world, that I immediately geared up and did my morning aerobics. Ate breakfast ( 3 thin slices of pancakes, no syrup, water and freshly squeezed orange juice) and now am in front of my laptop typing this.

It feels good...I tell you. I cannot believe that this is me. At the beginning I would just say that I want to just weigh 70 something. When I got into that 70 something, at a point it felt like I would never leave 70 something, so, I pushed myself and am here today weighing 69.7kg. I am also excited because the only condition, I told myself, that would make me release my before and after pictures is, if I have left 70 something, so people...brace yourselves. My next blogging would be the big reveal.

Have a beautiful and healthy weekend. Remember my motto(well...sort of)....; "never deprive yourself but dont forget to burn after chopping"

Ciao. xoxo

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  1. can't wait for the big reveal....