Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi all, I have a sin to confess. This weekend was a trying one and one of the most difficult weekends I have ever encountered during my journey. There were temptations left, right, short, everywhere...I had no other option (no excuse as well) but to fall. But it was worth it. On Saturday, 4th of July, 2010, my siblings and I came together (ofcourse including my parents) and threw a 13th birthday party for my kid sister, so you can imagine food and drinks everywhere and best of all, CAKE!!! One good thing came out of this, my opinion as to not depriving oneself was fortified. Yes! I had a taste of everything that was edible and drinkable, so as not to feel left out, but the key was to the portion of each. I knew that I was going to eat rice, chicken, ice cream, cake and so on, so I had to do a lil' calculation in my head. The rice was definitely a miniature size with the chicken (I made sure that it was barbecued chicken, but not the Nigerian version with oil), then my cake was also miniature and no icing (very unnecessary), I had my ice cream)chocolate flavour). How did I burn it? I was on the move. I volunteered to do everything and when it was time, I hit the dance floor. I wanted to burn off the calories if not everything but a lot of it so that when I wake the next day I would not feel the weight guilt. When I woke the next day, i eagerly zapped to the scale to get my judgement and guess what? I didn't do badly...I managed to add only 0.3KG. The long and short of this story is that I still had fun, ate all that was served at the party and used the same party to burn off, by dancing and didn't do badly at the end of the day. so, if you find yourself in situations like this, my advice is to look at the positive side of the situation and make good out of it.

Now, yesterday, the 5th day of July, 2010 was not at all like my weekend...I fell hard into the welcoming hands of temptation. It was my friend, Juliet's birthday, we had three cakes, one being pure chocolate cake (did I mention that I AM IN LOVE WITH ANYTHING CHOCOLATE??!!). Yes! I am an addict. But so far so good, I have been able to curtail my intake its so minimal that I cannot believe that it is me doing it and even if I go overboard, my body rebels....u get the picture?( Anyway,  I was in charge of cutting the cake and sharing, I found myself, cutting one slice and eating one slice...and when am not cutting, am licking off the icing. It felt good!. Immediately I got home...OH BOY, it was like a war was going on inside of me. I dashed off into the toilet but just in time to grab a magazine cos I knew I was going in for a long long time. Oh yes, did I get it! After that, I felt better and lighter and I promised myself that that would never happen again (yeah right...I will try though). I did my aerobics and went to bed. Woke up this morning feeling better. I resolved, on my way to work, to conclude my journey by the end of this week. It is very possible, its just that have been subconsciously stalling cos its a big and final jump for me.

Wishing you all a lovely day...please and please...let my experience be a lesson to not indulge the way I did. Ciao.

                                                           Cake #1: The chocolate cake

                                                                      Cake #2

                                                                       Cake #3

                                                                     Juliet nd I

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  1. You have lots and lots of discipline. I love sponge cake and anything sweet. I can't seem to overcome my sweet tooth, what can i do?